dimanche 20 janvier 2013

Trois petits cauchemars . Three little nightmares.

Les petites terreurs.
The small terrors.

46 cm x 61 cm
arches grain fin

direct in watercolor without drawing .

Au secours ! help ! 

9 commentaires:

  1. You are funny, Olivia, and a great artist. I like them! Bises

  2. Olivia, sus niñas son terroríficas, pero la acuarela es una delicia de color y muy espontanea

  3. Hi, Olivia,
    I know you're a hard worker who enjoys new challenging. Me, too. I'm practicing the direct watercolour painting now. I hope we will encourage each other and enjoy this technique.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Gosh, your work is amazing! Such a beautiful blog :0)
    And this painting made me chuckle. So quirky and unique :0)

  5. Oh, my! I hope these three don't come to my house! ha ha Love the loose, bright colors and shapes you've made without drawing - too cute although a bit scary, the look in their eyes :)

  6. LOVE your three little nightmares, Olivia!!! Definitely different for you...LOL

  7. Oh la vache ! terrifiants regards !
    Bises et belle journée à toi !

  8. Anamaria, Beatriz, Sadami, Sandra, Rhonda, Hilda, Ariane et Elvi, thank you Ladies ! Little nighmares will be back very soon ! Today, I will paint more and more of them :) Bises and thank you for your support .